Time might be running out to see one of the most unique attractions in Seattle.

instagram/Schitt's Creek
instagram/Schitt's Creek

If you are a huge fan of the TV series "Schitt's Creek", you'll recognize the famous Rosebud Hotel. It's the hotel where the Rose family stayed during their "exile" from high society.

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One huge fan in Seattle decided to build a replica of the hotel and it's getting a lot of attraction and stares on Queen Anne Hill in the Emerald City.

instagram/Schitt's Creek
instagram/Schitt's Creek

The word is the property is starting to fall into disrepair and its days are numbered. It is possible that the attraction will return in the future?

According to an article from the Seattle Times, the attraction could be up until mid-November and then after that, the attraction's fate is unknown.

The attraction became so popular that even the official Schitt's Creek Instagram account featured pictures of the motel and visitors were encouraged to tag their trip under #schittscreek #rosebudseattle.

It would be awesome if someone would come along and save the attraction but the creator commented in the Seattle Times that even if it goes away forever, it was a good ride while it lasted.

If you've been to the site, consider yourself lucky.

No worries, we've got some other amazing attractions below that you can check out for a fun time.

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