I bet Rick James wished he was alive for this: There are two places you can rent hot tub boats in Seattle!

Hot tub boats? Whaaaat!???????

You can rent your very own hot tub boat at (as of the time of press time) two places:

Seattle’s original - Seattle Hot Tub Boat Rental

Seattle's Hot Tub Boats is located at 2520 Westlake Ave North. You can hop in with your friends and as they claim, “Soak in the SEA-nery” Because of the onboard heaters, you can rent and enjoy your very own hot boat year round and see the city, from your rented boat - that's also a hot tub. After your great adventure on Lake Union, you’ll wanna show the world that you did it! Click the link for some great Seattle Hot Tub Boat Rental Merch

Sounds like crazy fun right?

Go find out more: Click this link to learn more and make it happen some time this summer.


Lake Union Hot Tub Boats 

They too are on Seattle’s Lake Union, located at 2401 N Northlake Way. They encourage you to GO ALL IN!  “Your Seattle Adventure for all seasons!” As mentioned above, regardless of the drizzly, gray Seattle weather, their hot tub boats keep things at 104 degrees - year round.

Your 2-hour, all-in adventure for up to 6 people starts at $400. -Lake Union Hot Tub Boats

…so doing the math, if you have a group of 18 fun loving party people, you rent three boats and have a blast!

Click this link to get more info from Lake Union Hot Tub Boats.

Check out this video explaining how to easily steer your Lake Union Hot Tub Boat

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