Smokey Wenatchee Skies to Clear Up on Saturday. Plus, we give you current air quality readings for all of the Pacific Northwest (For Friday at 3pm) 

We normally don’t have to deal with wildfire season this early in Wenatchee. July, August & September is when we normally start to see, smell and breathe the dreaded smoke particles.

Looking South on Wenatchee Ave (Connor)
Looking South on Wenatchee Ave (Connor)


Washington State Does Not Have any Active Wildfires

There currently isn’t an active wildfire burning anywhere in Washington State. The wildfire smoke we’re seeing is 500 miles away - from up north in Canada (Alberta and more recently British Columbia) The slow buildup of smoke seemed to start on Wednesday.

As of Friday, the newly arrived smoke has caused the National Weather Service to issue an “Air Quality Alert.” for most of Central, North Central and Eastern Washington: until Saturday morning (May 20th) at 10am.

Air Quality Alert (Connor)
Air Quality Alert (Connor)

This is when a shift in weather patterns will likely improve air quality conditions here in North Central Washington.

The current air quality readings for around the Pacific Northwest and north of the border (as of Friday @ 3pm)

Wenatchee: 65 (Moderate)

Moses Lake: 79 (Moderate)

Quincy: 55 (Moderate)

Waterville: 60 (Moderate)

Leavenworth: 55 (Moderate)

Chelan: 56 (Moderate)

Winthrop: 60 (Moderate)

Richland: 91 (Moderate)

Spokane: 79 (Moderate)

Priest River, Idaho: 71 (Moderate)


Seattle: 65 (Moderate)

Issaquah: 51 (Moderate)

Bremerton: 48 (Good)


Penticton, BC: (Low Health Risk)

Vancouver, BC (Moderate Health Risk)

Calgary, AB (High Health Risk)


Health Impacts and Recommended Actions: When air quality is Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, sensitive persons should limit time outside, avoid strenuous outdoor activity, and follow tips for cleaner indoor air. -National Weather Service


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