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Well, something else the Emerald City can be proud of.

 New study says Seattle has the most complaints about dog poo

According to a recent study performed by the national Dog Advisory Council, Seattle has the worst dog poop problem.

According to the Council, Twitter data was analyzed to determine a wide variety of dog-related categories. The study ranks the best and worst cities for dog owners, even the best and worst cities for dogs off their leash. The study used comments, posts and other dog-related input from the social media site.

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The study also ranked the worst cities for dog poop, and Seattle beat out San Francisco and Pittsburgh. According to the study, the data showed there were over 58 complaints about unscooped poop for every 100K of the population in Seattle, by far the most.

The study went on to say:

"The problem with dog poop in Seattle has even led to the founding of a community-driven dog poo bin program across parts of the city, and a scheme in Kirkland, a suburb east of Seattle found almost 200 instances of un-scooped dog poop at one park in a single month."

These days, it would be honest to say it's difficult to tell the difference between 'piles' left by dogs, or by the growing numbers of persons who permanently inhabit the streets and parks of Seattle. But this report says it's the dogs' fault--for now.


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