Have you ever woken up from a dream and thought, “whoa! Omg take me back! I have more than once to say the least. By why and where were you? Did you see how it could mimic your day-to-day life? Do you even dream at all? For those who do not have consistent dreams, I honestly feel bad for. I am a true believer that dreaming is my “second skin.” The definition of Dream is really quite simple, yet the feeling and experiences are not as simple as one would think, and they are different for all of us. 

Let’s take a journey for a second with some of my “normal” dreams. Usually, they start off with being thrown into a situation and/or place. Funny enough, when I feel I’m in the need to rush to one thing or another, I am (in my dream) Trying to get from East Wenatchee to Wenatchee via the George Sellar Bridge. Why there? I have no clue, but I notice every time, there’s always a different way to “cross the bridge.” In most cases, via the dream, I walk the bridge, I’ve even been able to use one of those flat escalators that you see in an airport to cross, once I even crossed the good ole George Sellar by horse, again dream state, but I also think that would be kind of cool to ride a horse over the bridge.  

Throughout my dreams, I notice I go to places that I used to live within the valley, like if you go up maple street between Winco and Leonard Evans, I for some reason always envision that road being like a small side street, when in actual reality, it’s your average street in town. But in my dreams, Nope, The Maple Street Apartments turn into this social community where everyone talks to everyone out their windows and it feels like this little community.  

I could go on and on for days about dreaming, and the places I visit via dreams. And we haven’t even touched base on the meanings of them let alone the symbols to see within your dreams. I’m no expert dreamer, or knowing what they mean, but I will give you my insight that I’ve learned. Water is one of the main symbols to look at. Is the water moving fast, and rough? Or is it calm and relaxed? Whatever situation you are in, the water movement usually tells you how your subconscious is dealing with it all. Dreaming is up for interpretation, in the meantime, maybe we’ll see each other round town, dreaming or in reality.  

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