With the Christmas Shopping done and out of the way - we’re sure that you and your family got some great & expensive gifts. What happens if someone steals them? The police have some great tips to help them recover it.

Keep Track of the serial numbers

Have you written down the serial number to your teenager’s new cell phone yet? What about that new TV you purchased?  

It is important to keep an inventory of your valuables and their serial numbers - to prove the items are yours! 

Go find a yellow pad and write them down. Or better yet, click this link and print out your personal property inventory sheet. - then keep it in a safe place, like with your passport and birth certificates. 

Knowing the serial numbers will help the police bring charges against the thieves and return your items when they catch the bad guys.

What items should you keep track of?

The following items have serial numbers: Electronics (laptops, flatscreen TVs), tools, bikes, firearms, and more.

If you’re keeping track on your yellow pad or spreadsheet

Remember to write down what exactly the item is - this includes the make/model, serial number, and approximate value, taking a quick photo of your items goes a long way to help prosecute baddies and get your rightful stuff back when stolen.

Doing all of the above helps your local and other law enforcement (in the event the thieves live in another part of the state or even out of state. 

When filing a report on your stolen items, officers enter your property information into various databases - that are accessible by other law enforcement agencies and can even monitor pawn transactions - This can provide the ONE-TWO PUNCH of getting your items back and throwing the thieves in jail.

Should you place Apple Airtags on your valuables?

Local law enforcement recommends air tagging your valuables including:

Cars, laptops, backpacks, purses, bikes, pets, wallets, phones, socks, shoes, tools, TV remotes- seriously, if you can find a way to attach an AirTag- it can be Air Tagged!

Air Tags will help law enforcement track your stolen property faster and even nab the suspect who stole them from you and your family.

INFO: Bremerton Police Department

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