Washington is a state with sandy ocean beaches, a rainforest, two beautiful mountain ranges, and fields of agriculture that feed the world.

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Washington, like other states, does deal with crime. Of the five most common crimes, only two are violent (aggravated assault and robbery.)

Below, you’ll find the five most common crimes (via Lewis & Laws - from 2019 to 2020) in Washington.

We also provide 10 Washington communities (published in 2024, via property club) with the highest crime rates (per capita.)

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Top 5 crimes in Washington

1- Theft and larceny The most common stolen items? money, tools, vehicle parts, clothing and furs, automobiles, store merchandise, bicycles, and consumable goods. 

2 - Burglary: The most frequent burglary locations include homes, commercial/office buildings, parking lots and garages, specialty stores, and rental or storage facilities. 

3 - Motor Vehicle Theft: Most of these vehicles were stolen at personal residences, followed by parking lots or garages.

4 - Aggravated Assault: Almost half of all aggravated assaults in the state occur at a residence.

5 - Robbery: Almost half of all robberies occurred at a place of business.


Tacoma Dome and I-5 CREDIT: Wilson Kim (via Facebook)
Tacoma Dome and I-5 CREDIT: Wilson Kim (via Facebook)

Top 10 cities in Washington with the highest crime rates

10 - Shelton

The crime rate is 66% above the national average. The most common crimes include theft, larceny, vehicle theft, and assault. 

9 - Spokane

The crime rate is 132% above the national average. Property crime is common. 14 murders were recorded in Spokane in 2022. making it one of the most violent cities in the state. 

8 - Lakewood

138% higher than the national average. Property crime is extremely high in Lakewood. Lakewood has many issues stemming from homelessness and drug trafficking.

7 - Seattle

The crime rate is 149% above the national average. Homelessness and drug addiction fuel the high rate of car theft, larceny, and petty crimes.

6 - Union Gap

The crime rate is 164% above the national average. Property crime is the most common including burglary, larceny, and car theft.

5 - SeaTac

The crime rate is 176% above the national average. Break-ins and thefts are its two common crimes.

4 - Toppenish

Located within the Yakama Indian Reservation. The town’s crime rate that is 200% above the national average and the property crime rate is 232% above the national average. 

3 - Tacoma

237% above the national average. Tacoma has both a high violent and property crime rate, including assaults, burglary, and theft.

2 - Fife

488% above the national average. Common crimes: Burglary, theft, assault, and robbery. There were multiple drive-by shootings and murders in 2023.

1 - Tukwila

The crime rate for this small town (21,000) is 631% above the national average.  Burglary, theft, robbery, and assault are the three most common crimes in Tukwila. 

INFO:Property Club, Lewis & Laws

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