How happy are you and your family - on a day to day basis? Good? Great?

How about amazing?

A financial security website called Smartasset released the top 50 happiest towns in America. Two of those towns are in Washington State. One in particular made the top 3!


Smartasset’s metrics looked into three main areas

* Personal Finances

* Well Being

* Quality of Life



Lets get to the “Happiest City list” - Here are the top 5 Happiest towns in America


1 - Sunnyvale, CA 

How could you not be happy in a town called Sunnyvale. We have Sunnyslope, here in the Wenatchee Valley - and almost everyone who lives there seems content and happy.


2 - Arlington, VA

I’m actually surprised to see this town being ranked as high - I mean it is a suburb of our Nation’s Capital.


3 - Bellevue, WA

Say what you want about all the cloudy, rainy weather - “61% of all Bellevue residents make over $100,000 per year…Additionally, cost of living as a percent of income is the lowest across the study (28.69%)”

Credit Selling Seattle Matt Steel (YouTube)
Credit Selling Seattle Matt Steel (YouTube)

4 - Fremont, CA

South Bay Area town that’s across from Palo Alto on Dumbarton Bridge. This town is even happier after watching the Niners smack the Seahawks THREE times this season


5 - Frisco, TX

Frisco has the highest rate of successful marriages in the survey (62.6%) The home of Frito-Lay - All my Frito corn chip purchases must have helped these happy folk.


The rest of the Top 50 towns include


#8 - San Jose

(only 10% of residence suffer from poor mental health)

#14 - San Francisco

(Niners and Peets Coffee gotta be pluses)

#15 - Seattle

(A bunch of us - living East of the Cascades think this great Washington city has gone down the tubes.  I was just there for the Space Needle/New Years Eve party - gotta say" Seattle has cleaned up its act a bit.)


For the full rundown of happy cities and towns, Check out SmartAsset’s findings here.

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