A big reason why living in the Pacific Northwest is great - is our fresh clean air! That's of course, when we’re not suffering from the now annual - wildfire season.

I just looked through a list of the most dirty, most polluted cities and towns in the US. Fortunately, lawnstarter.com didn't list any Washington towns or cities in the top - I mean worst 86 places.

Two Oregon towns, Portland (listed as dirty city #76) and Eugene (#82 on the list), won the crown of the two dirtiest in the Northwest.  

-NOTE: Portland, Oregon was rated as being tied for 3rd best air quality. What brought its overall score down was the Rose City’s infrastructure, which took into consideration: The tons of waste in landfills per 100,000 inhabitants.

Before we get to the five dirtiest towns in Washington, Lawstarter stated that they took into account: Pollution, living conditions, Infrastructure and overall personal satisfaction as factors to their dirty scale.

Depending on where you live, you may want to buy some air fresheners, mouse traps, or a can of Raid. -Lawnstarter


5 Most Polluted and Most Dirty in Washington State

1) Tacoma - (#87 nationally) Lots of traffic along I-5, the Tacoma Aroma (caused by Sulfur released from the Simpson Tacoma Kraft pulp and paper mill)  Plus a major oil refinery all pitch in to give this dubious title to our friends in Pierce County. Tacoma is listed as more polluted, than Chicago (ranked #96)

2) Seattle - (#101 nationally)

3) Spokane - (#108 nationally) Our worst offender and the most populated city East of the Cascades.

4) Vancouver, WA - (#126)

5) Bellevue - (#139)


INFO SOURCE for this story: Lawnstarter.com


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