Maybe you are one of the players for a team, or a parent anticipating your child playing in High School Basketball... What a basketball season it has been! And really you could be in any district, to have that same feeling of “woah!” We are nearing Districts, Regionals and then State basketball tournaments. How exciting! These tournaments can be stressful for coaches, players and parents. From winning, to losing, it’s all around an experience you will live with for the rest of your years!  

High school, a time that is ever changing with moods to clothes, people getting taller over summer break to who's dating who?! Another thing you’ll experience is the school, Spirit! Crowds cheer loudly for the teams on the court, announcers keeping up with the fast pace of defense to offence and vice versa. You train during practices and you give it all on the court. All to get qualified for districts to then regionals and following that is the big State tournaments.  

From District basketball to State tournaments, all are an experience to be had. Crazy Buzzer beater shots to tie or win a game, cheerleaders bringin the A-Game to the halftime performances, to seeing friends from other schools that you may not normally see. State basketball, alone, is something to definitely be a part of at some point of your high school days!  

State Basketball, depending on how the school is classified (1B-2B, 1A-2A, 3A-4A) will determine where your state tournament will be held. 1B-2B heads to Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, 1A-2A goes to the Yakima Valley SunDome, and 3A-4A gets to play in the Tacoma Dome. All can be found on the WIAA website.  

Wherever your team plays, remember to take in all that is the school spirit and the hard work put in by those around you! From running the halls in the hotel provided by the school, to the “food budget” you meticulously save for restaurants and what meal sounds the best, to who you get to room with and finding out how messy they actually can be.  

High School Basketball, fun to be had, experiences, and baskets to be made. You got this no matter who you play for and may the scores be forever in your favor! 

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