Entertainment, entertaining, that’s what I do for a living! I mean for real, and we as “entertainers” are here for you to cheer up, inform and “keep things lite.”  

I’m stopping that for just a second (at least for this article) 

WHY THE HECK DOES WINTER HAVE TO BE COLD!? Like for real, I do not like winter at all, I mean, AT ALL.  

Reasons why “Aly Dislikes Cold Weather.” 

Can’t get warm – Like I will get warmed up but then I get too hot, if you know the perfect temp to keep your home at, please let a girl know! 

Worrying about the roads – When it’s this cold out (currently 23degrees) You have to still watch for black ice, even if the roads “look bare” Heaven forbid it snows heavy and you have to worry about compact snow and ice. 

I'm not a skier or snowboarder – Trust, I have tried! I am known as “The Plow” when on a snowboard, you would see me up Mission Ridge going down a run with the board horizontal, and you can’t convince me to “straighten the board out” cause then I’ll be going too fast and nope, just nope. I have tried skiing, but you will never get me out of the “pizza” formation. Fun fact though, when I did try those options, I'd always sing to myself a Shania Twain song “Let’s go girls...” 

So Many Clothes – Like for real, try going outside with a light shirt and leggings, bet ya turn right round and put more layers on! But why do we have to layer up so much that we look like Ralphy's little brother from “a Christmas story” just to go outside.  

Now now, settle down, I can hear you yelling “well just move then!” Uhm, nooo. While I do love Christmas time and a snow-covered Christmas, I just wish we could get the right amount of snow for the runoff season, and then the snow could just go away. I can’t/ won’t just move cause well, my life is set here, and I do enjoy the transition of seasons. I’d just like it a tad warmer. So, Mother Nature, could ya do a girl that solid? No? Ok cool, thought I’d ask.

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