Renewing your driver's license in Washington State is a bit different than what I was used to about 5 years ago.  From the shorter lines to new ways to access a license.  

If you have had your license before and need to renew, did you know you can do it online?! As long as you aren’t “Late” in renewing it. I tell you what, that is so convenient and smart! Maybe that’s why when I went in recently, there was seriously NO ONE in the DMV besides the people that work there! Such a big difference from back when I was younger, and you’d basically have to take a day off to go to the DMV.  

I needed to change my address. Seems as though I remember “back in the day,” that I’d have to have proof that I had moved, and that wasn’t the case, or at least with my teller. I legit spend about an hour before going to the Department of Motor Vehicles, gathering mail from the Chelan County PUD, to calling the company I lease my apartment from. All so I could get “two pieces of paper that say I live at the address I am at.” All that to just be told, “Oh you’re fine, I believe Ya, basically.  

Next item I noticed was that they allowed me to choose between 6-8 years until the next renewal. What?! Why wouldn’t someone choose the 8yr option?? Why the choice?? I of course chose the 8yr option cause well, I dislike renewing my license.  

At the Wenatchee location, another thing that popped out was that the cameras to take your new License photo with, was right at the same booth! No more waiting in another line just to get a picture taken. Little things in life my friend!  

So now you are aware! Also, I am not too sure about the proof of residency per DMV, but maybe bring one piece of proof for “just in case.” also, unless you wanna look like you just woke up in your license photo, don’t do what I did and do nothing with your face or hair. Otherwise, smile and get back on the road!  

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