The ripple effect. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The best way for me to describe the “Ripple effect.” is to remind you of what happens when a drop of water, drops into more water. It creates ripples, the ripple starts off small, but grows to something bigger.  

Take those thoughts and now let’s apply them to our life. We wake up in the morning, eyes open, staring at the ceiling, or floor, however you sleep. What's your first thought? Is it “Ah ok, let’s do this!” or is it “Ahhh no, I just wanna go back to sleep.” Within that short couple seconds of letting those thoughts enter your head, you have already determined your day!  

Some people call this the “Snowball effect,” others like me call this the “Ripple Effect.” To better understand, if you want to use the “Snowball” term, look at it this way. You start off with a small snowball that you’ve formed in your hands, now let it roll down a big snowy hill, once it reaches the bottom, it’s a ton bigger than you started with. That would be the “end of your day.” when the snowball stops. Do you want to finish off well, or do you want to finish off with negative? I would assume positive.  

You may be thinking, “Ya easier said than done!” And yes, that’s true, but if you just start your morning off each day with the intent of “good,” that will spread into your day. Im not here to convince you that, “I am right!” I’m simply stating how I live my life and how it’s worked for me, and I have seen both sides of the spectrum.  

Listen we have a start of a new year and if you are in anyway shape or form ready to harness the power of positive, that’s where you start. When you open your eyes in the morning and start your day. 

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