Being a high school senior, I almost remember vividly. All the “lasts” of the year. Last semester, last class, last time you will get to share a classroom with people you may have known all your life. A ton of lasts, those are just to name a few. But with lasts, follows “Firsts.” 

Being able to help with the Cheer squad in Cashmere, I’ve gotten to meet 2 awesome Seniors. Grace and Sydney. Their drive, hard work, dedication, and all-around awesomeness has brought a smile to the Cashmere Crowds.  

This message is for Grace, Sydney, and anyone who is graduating from school. YOU GOT THIS!  

“If I could go back and tell myself...” You hear that all the time from people who have already graduated, gone through life, had babies, whatever the case may be, you will get the unsolicited advice from those older than you.  

For me, I get super “sad” in a good way when I see kids move on with their dreams of life after high school, but also proud! 

You have no idea what’s ahead of you in life, plans will be made, broken, kept, smiles, laughs, crying, laughing again, stress, all of the things, right? One thing you can always look to though, is YOURSELF. Don’t ever get the feeling of “stuck” and if you do, reach out. I’m a 33yr old mom who has had so many twists and turns, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be where I am today.  

Nothing is permanent, and things do work out. Knowing this in life has really helped, and also adding “You cannot control anything but how you react.”  

Let people believe what they will and be the main character in your own life, because you are! Make spontaneous choices, open your mind to the world around you and embrace the little moments. Don’t get so stuck behind your phone taking pictures that you miss out on what's directly in front of you. Take that road trip, go to that concert. Live. Live like you have the world at your fingertips. Because you do.  

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