How much lead in a product is safe, when the product is used to consume drinks/food?

" There is no known safe level of exposure to lead, the FDA monitors and regulates levels of lead in foods." - FDA.GOV


Wait, are the Stanley Brand cups made with Lead?

I mean, there is but like there isn't? That was my best valley girl talk haha!

" Rest assured that no lead is present on the surface of any Stanley product that comes into contact with the consumer nor the contents of the product." - Source

What should we do if we do come into contact with lead using a Stanley cup?

"In the rare occurrence the base cap of a product comes off due to ordinary use and exposes this seal, it is eligible for our Lifetime Warranty, available here: " - Source

"Stanley assures that its products meet all US regulatory requirements including Prop65. Stanley tests for and validates compliance on all products through FDA accredited 3rd party labs that verify our products follow strict guidelines including but not limited to BPA/BPS, PFOS, and phthalate regulatory requirements." - Stanley

In other words, sip calmly and enjoy that amazing cup!

I will have to admit, I do not own a Stanley cup yet, but I am a huge fan of those Starbucks tumblers, and I prefer the metal ones. I should look into those lead levels too!

Though, yes I was one of the many who tried to nab the coveted Pink Stanley Starbucks cup... Did I get it? Find out here.

Cheers to your Stanley Cup buying addiction and Cheer to the many drink possibilities!

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