Can you believe it's that time already? And, we're still getting winter weather in the mountains. However, with Spring officially here, the deadline to remove studded tires is before the end of the day on March 31st.

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When is it legal for motorists to use studded tires in WA?

Studded tires are legal in Washington from November 1st to March 31st. WSDOT is encouraging all drivers to plan ahead NOW, to avoid a potential fine of $137. There is NO individual exception or out-of-state waiver to the studded tire dates.

Did you know?

Washington banned studded tires until 1969 when lawmakers voted to allow their use all year round. By 1971, with nearly a third of all the cars in the state having studded tires, state officials convinced lawmakers to limit their use between Nov. 1st and April 1st.

Studded tires cause road damage. According to the WA State Transportation Commission:


“Studded tires cause between $20 million to $29 million in damage to state-owned roads in Washington each winter and also damage city and county roads,” said WSDOT Maintenance Operations Manager James Morin. “We urge motorists to explore all their traction options, including non-stud, winter-tread tires which are different from all–season tires. These tires are legal year-round and don’t damage our highways.”

WSDOT can extend the deadline for use of studded tires if the forecast indicates widespread snow and ice. For traveling through mountains, WSDOT recommends motorists use approved traction tires and carry chains if necessary.

Travelers are encouraged to know before they go.

Motorists can check real-time road conditions and view up-to-date changes by using WSDOT's social media and email alert tools.

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