This year’s Women’s March Madness provided a memorable title game between Iowa and LSU. But it was Iowa’s win over Louisville in Seattle that had all the makings of a watershed moment. Caitlin Clark and Hailey Van Lith, two of the best guards in women's college basketball met head to head. As a huge fan, living in HVL’s hometown, it wasn’t the outcome we wanted. But that Iowa/Louisville matchup to decide who was heading to the final four, was beyond epic.

Wenatchee’s KPQ recently reported that Hailey has entered into the “Transfer Portal” This doesn’t 100% mean that she’s leaving the Louisville program - but in all likelihood she probably played her last game with the Cardinals. 

Hailey will be earning a finance degree in June, after only her third year in college. Playing college basketball has never been better with the recent NIL endorsement deal making elite players six figures and for some, even more. 

Her next stop will be a one or two year commitment to win a national title. 

Hailey Van Lith's Transfer Portal status is listed as “Do Not Contact” - She is going into this unknown transition under her own terms. She can reach out to whomever she chooses. Some believe she already knows where she'll end up.

Where will HVL end up? Here are the likely landing spots: 

South Carolina: Finished the postseason women's basketball Top 25 rankings at #1

Iowa: Imagine a one-two punch of Caitlin Clark and HVL. With both possessing an elite passing game - You wouldn’t be able to double teaming either threat.

UConn: The longtime premiere women’s college program.

Stanford: The West Coast's best women’s basketball program - A masters from Stanford sounds so good for her post playing days.

Gonzaga: The Zags have become one of the top women’s basketball programs in the West.

Washington State University: Kamie Ethridge has Wazzu’s women’s program playing its best basketball in memory. 

University of Washington: With U-dub recently making a trip to the NIT final four. The Montlake women are trending up.

Baylor: Hailey did mention that Baylor was her number two choice out of Cashmere

LSU: The reason why Baylor was so high up on HVL’s list of places to go was because of head coach Kim Mulkey. Mulkey left Baylor for LSU and guided the Tigers to a national title. LSU’s best guard Alexis Morris is graduating and the champs need someone to fill the role. Hailey was close to getting a state title, all four years at Cashmere. Joining forces with Kim Mulkey and the LSU Tigers will offer her the best chance to finally reach the top as a college player.


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