Yard Sales are popular events, especially during the summer.

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Have you ever hosted a garage or yard sale? They're hard work,. However, you can make a lot of cash in a short time if it's done right. Lots of people have yard sales to get rid of unwanted household items and clothing. You know the saying, "One person's junk is another's treasure!"


10 Tips to Host a Successful Yard Sale in Washington

If you're planning to host a yard sale or garage sale. Consider using the these tips. Planning and proper execution are necessary. Also, patience and teamwork are great. Planning ahead, advertising, and being an approachable host are beneficial. Follow the tips and you'll be a success!

Are there rules for hosting a yard sale in Tri-Cities?


Yes. It varies for each city. In Pasco, you MUST get a permit to have such an event. And, sales are limited to two per year, and cannot run for more than two consecutive days. In Kennewick, a permit is NOT required, however you must adhere to some rules. The sale must not run longer than 5 consecutive days, and 2 sales per household is allowed. For the city of Richland, a permit is NOT required, and you can host several sales a year. As for residents of West Richland, a permit is NOT required and there's no limit to how many sales a resident is allowed.

Find all the yard sales going on in your neighborhood.

If so, there are many places to visit to get the "heads up." For instance, there's a Tri-Cities Yard Sale Facebook page. You can also search for Tri-Cities yard and moving sales on Craigslist. I love hitting up area yard sales. Not that I'm looking for anything in particular, I just love getting different items for my home at bargain prices.

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