You have probably driven past the brick office building in the 700 block of North Chelan Ave.  in Wenatchee countless times and have spotted the sharp looking gold on green logo for a business called "fig"

Perhaps your mind has wandered, what does "fig" mean? Is it an acronym for something?  What business are they in?  The thought probably slips your mind until you drive by again and ponder the same unanswered possibilities, again.

Well the curiosity finally got the best of me and a quick internet search reveals fig is a title and escrow company with an extensive history in Wenatchee.

Before the branding was changed to fig the title company had operated as North Meridian, Douglas County Title Abstract Company, Transamerica, Transnation, and LandAmerica over a legacy dating back over 70 years.

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The company touts property records that date back to Washington's statehood in 1889 covering historical information for Chelan and Douglas county properties.

fig is also located in Leavenworth and Chelan, WA.

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