The Wenatchee Bighorns are the newest team in the Valley. They play in “The Basketball League” - or the TBL. The Bighorns have a few games under their belt. They won on opening night, then lost the next three. The season is young and they need your support and volume at each and every home game.

Come check out three home games this week, including one tonight (Wednesday Night March 15th) at the Eastmont High School gym!

We were able to visit with the Bighorns, Brandon Porter. He’s easy to spot on the court: Brandon is the only guy rockin’ the white headband. When I attended opening night, I noticed he had a lot of people rooting for him and calling out his name. This makes sense - Brandon is a teacher in the Eastmont School District in East Wenatchee.

Wentchee Bighorns
Wentchee Bighorns

Connor: Brandon, thanks for taking time with us. How old are you?

Brandon Porter: 25 years young

C: Where did you play college basketball?

BP: Eastern Oregon University

C: Who has inspired or motivated you to play basketball in college?

BP: Myself, nobody in my family has played collegiately. I wanted to be the first one. 

C: How far do you wish to go with basketball, and what’s your plan to get there?

BP: As far as it will take me and continue to work hard everyday and take care of the things I can control.

Wenatchee Bighorns
Wenatchee Bighorns

C: Who are your favorite players and why?

BP: I don't have a favorite player. I look at everyones game and take bits and pieces from theirs to add to mine. 

C: What other sports do you like?

BP: I like all sports. I am an active person. I like golf, skiing, swimming, pickleball, and football. Basically anything with a ball. 

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C: What is your earliest memory of basketball?

BP: My earliest memory of hoops is being the sweeper for high school varsity basketball games while I was in 5th grade. I thought that was really cool to be up close to the action. 

C: What song or album are you loving right now?

Brandon Porter: I don't have a favorite song or album. I have a diverse taste in music. In short, listen to everything, but country music. 

Connor: Thanks for allowing us to get to know you better. We’ll be rooting for you and the rest of your Bighorn teammates this season!

The TBL has arrived in Wenatchee! Don’t miss the Bighorn’s next 3 home games: 

San Diego Sharks vs. Wenatchee Bighorns

Wednesday March 15th

TIPOFF: 7:05pm

Eastmont High School in East Wenatchee

Tickets are only $15 at the door or ONLINE

Vancouver Volcanoes vs Wenatchee Bighorns

Friday March 17th

TIPOFF: 7:05pm

Chelan High School

Tickets are only $15 at the door or ONLINE

Seattle Superhawks vs Wenatchee Bighorns

Sunday March 19th

TIPOFF: 3pm 

Town Toyota Center

Tickets are available at the Town Toyota Center box office or ONLINE


The Wenatchee Bighorns are part of the 9 team West Conference.

Our 8 league rivals are:

Bakersfield Majestics (Coached by Marc Mo)

California Sea-Kings (Based in San Jose - coached by former NBA player Wallace Bryant)

Los Angeles Flash (Based in Carson, California - coached by Olin Simplis)

Salem Capitals (Based in Salem, Oregon - coached by Brian Stevens)

Seattle Super-Hawks (Home court is at SPU’s Royal Brougham Pavilion - coached by former NBA player and Washington Husky Alum, Eldridge Recasner)

Long Beach Blue Waves (Based in Long Beach, CA - No coaching info available)

San Diego Sharks (Coached by Brandon Cheeks)

Vancouver Volcanoes (Based in Vancouver, Washington - Home court is at the O’Connell Sports Center - Coached by Jeff Perrault)

The Wenatchee Bighorns are coached by Don Sims

Don comes to Wenatchee with 17 years of coaching experience. He recently was the head coach of the Seattle Mountaineers - an independent team, with the purpose of getting their players to a higher level of pro basketball. Learn more on Coach Don Sims, from a recent article on

Wenatchee Bighorns Team INFO

HOME COURT: Wenatchee Town Toyota Center, Eastmont High School, Chelan High School


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