The newly named members of the Wenatchee Bighorns basketball team have had quite the whirlwind of a month. Each of the players had to try out at the TBL Combine. Every individual drafted by the Bighorns, had to ask their smartphone for directions to get here. “Hey Google, give me driving directions to Wenatchee.” 

They drove for hours or in most cases - days.

The team has been here in town for a couple of weeks preparing for Thursday night. March 2nd is opening night for pro basketball in Wenatchee. When you arrive on Thursday, know this: You’ll be a part of history in the making!

We were able to visit with another member of the Wenatchee Bighorns, Guard Eric Crawford.

Wenatchee Bighorns
Wenatchee Bighorns

Connor: Eric, thanks for taking time to visit with us. What position do you play?

Eric Crawford: Guard 

C: What Number will you wear for the Bighorns? 

EC: I wear number 6

C: How old are you?

EC: 24 years old 

C: Where did you play college basketball?

EC: Benedict college, University of Maine @ Augusta 

Wenatchee Bighorns

C: Who has inspired or motivated you to play basketball in college?

EC: My mother, father (former NBA player & Seattle native, Jamal Crawford - pictured below) and grandfather (James Hampton) are my biggest inspirations to play basketball. 

2018 NBA Awards - Inside
Twyman-Stokes Teammate Award winner Jamal Crawford attends the 2018 NBA Awards at Barkar Hangar on June 25, 2018 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Turner Sports)
BallisLife (Via Youtube)
BallisLife (Via Youtube)

C: How far do you wish to go with basketball, and what’s your plan to get there?

EC: I plan to have a long overseas career, playing in the best leagues possible.  My plan to get there is simple: work hard every day, and add something new every time i step on the floor. Picking up knowledge from my coaches and teammates who have already played professionally, being a sponge to any advice they may have. The plan is to string together consistent days and grow each day- not only as a professional, but as a man as well. 

C: Who are your favorite players and why?

EC: My favorite players are Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Paul George. This list of people epitomizes what it means to show up to work each and every day to improve at something every time out on the floor. 

What other sports do you like?

EC: Other sport i like is football. 

Wenatchee Bighorns
Wenatchee Bighorns

C: Who are your role models?

EC: My role models are my mother (editor’s note: Amber Hampton - a great basketball player as well) and my grandmother. 

C: What is your earliest memory of basketball?

EC: My earliest memory in basketball is watching my father get drafted. I was there on draft night and seeing the setup of the NBA draft is something I’ll never forget. All the lights and cameras follow the new incoming class of young hopefuls trying to make a name for themselves in the greatest league in the world. 

C: What song or album are you loving right now?

Eric Crawford: I’m loving yeat’s new album- AftërLyfe

Connor: Eric, thanks for your time and thanks for bringing your game to Wenatchee. We will be rooting for you and your teammates! Here's a video of Father and son (Jamal and Eric) at the Annual Summertime "Crawsover Pro Am" event, 5 years ago at Seattle Pacific University.

The TBL (The Basketball League) pro basketball league arrives in Wenatchee: 

Thursday March 2nd. 

Seattle Super Hawks vs. Wenatchee Bighorns

Tipoff: 7:05pm



The Wenatchee Bighorns are part of the 9 team West Conference.

Our 8 league rivals are:

Bakersfield Majestics (Coached by Marc Mo)

California Sea-Kings (Based in San Jose - coached by former NBA player Wallace Bryant)

Los Angeles Flash (Based in Carson, California - coached by Olin Simplis)

Salem Capitals (Based in Salem, Oregon - coached by Brian Stevens)

Seattle Super-Hawks (Home court is at SPU’s Royal Brougham Pavilion - coached by former NBA player and Washington Husky Alum, Eldridge Recasner)

Long Beach Blue Waves (Based in Long Beach, CA - No coaching info available)

San Diego Sharks (Coached by Brandon Cheeks)

Vancouver Volcanoes (Based in Vancouver, Washington - Home court is at the O’Connell Sports Center - Coached by Jeff Perrault)

The Wenatchee Bighorns are coached by Don Sims

Don comes to Wenatchee with 17 years of coaching experience. He recently was the head coach of the Seattle Mountaineers - an independent team, with the purpose of getting their players to a higher level of pro basketball. Learn more on Coach Don Sims, from a recent article on

Wenatchee Bighorns Team INFO

HOME COURT: Wenatchee Town Toyota Center



Wenatchee Bighorns
Wenatchee Bighorns


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