Not many things are cooler for someone to graduate high school, head to a college for a sport and make it in that sport with your team into big tournaments, like March Madness and then being able to play one of those games close to your hometown! 

Phew, that was a mouthful all to mention that Cashmere Local Graduate Hailey Van Lith, University of Louisville’s star point guard and the Women’s University of Louisville Basketball team have made it to the March Madness Sweet 16! Not only that, but their next game against Ole Miss, will take place in Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena, Friday March 24th! Ball tips off at 7pm.  

Cashmere Athletics have been a huge part of our communities and seeing one of our all-stars doing such a great job outside of the community, is really heartwarming! Seeing Hailey perform and play with heart is so cool for family, friends, classmates, and then some!  

Don’t miss the University of Louisville action at the Climate Pledge Arena, Friday March 27th!  

Buy your tickets here.  

Support our local basketball star Hailey Van Lith 

Check out all the Women’s NCAA March Madness Official Brackets here. 

Hailey, from all of us here, this is for you: 

“You got this, you are capable of all things amazing, and you are a force to be reconned with! Stay strong, motivated, hungry and driven! You make us all proud and you are doing amazing things in life on and off the court! Get it girl!” 

*That last quote goes to you reading this too, you got this my friend! 

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