In high school, my claim to fame was being the Brewster Cheerleader Captain for the Football and Basketball seasons my junior and senior year of school. You might be thinking “Ok, Aly, that was 13 years ago... and...” Well let me get to it, geez! Haha, but for real, that was literally the highlight of my high school days and for anyone looking to gain confidence within their child or even just experience the sisterhood and teamwork, have them join the cheer squad! 

Recently I was able to hang out with the Cashmere Football Cheer Squad and let me tell you! Those girls are not only the kindest gals, but they are also funny, fun and so so cool! Never once did I get the feeling of “oh these girls are stuck up” You know that feeling you get when you see a group of girls, or maybe that’s just me, all I do know for sure is that these Cheerleaders are the epitome of what a cheer squad should be!  

Gift Giving: 

When I was cheering for Brewster, Cashmere high school was actually one of our rivals in all sports really. So as a young 17-18yr old who is dead set on her dedication to her school, I did not like Cashmere, but I did however love one thing I noticed about the other gals. Before the start of the football game, the Cashmere cheerleaders would gift the opposing teams’ cheerleaders goodie bags. Could have been a snack, little gadget, whatever they had on hand to gift, they did. Wouldn’t Ya know it, the tradition is still alive today! Seeing those girls pass out the goodies and just be so genuine made me smile and gave me this feeling of “yup, this is what cheer is about!”  


Being able to go to a cheer practice for the first time in YEARS, was so fun! I walked into Cashmere high school and instantly got nervous, maybe I was nervous cause I was meeting new people? I don't know but once the Cheer Coach Leisa introduced me, it was like my fear subsided and we got to it! Stretching, practicing the Homecoming halftime routine, teaching me how to do some of their cheers so I could get up and cheer with them for gameday. Practicing stunts to making time for jokes and snacks. These girls and Coach Leisa bring tears to my eyes with how professional and just overall good humans.  

These girls are so special, nice and respectable. Plus, they listen!!! I love them!” Cashmere Cheer Coach Leisa 

Cheering with Cashmere

Cashmere High School Cheer Squad



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