A couple months ago, I listed my favorite coffee shops in Washington State

Thanks to you, the coffee lovers of the Wenatchee Valley, here are YOUR Top 5 places to grab coffee.

1. La Vie En Coffee Bar & Bakery - 35 S Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee

I have only been to La Vie, one time. I need to go back. If you’ve always wanted to fly to Paris and eat pastries with tea or coffee - Just save your money and come here! You’ll thank me later.

2. Cafe Columbia - Located at Wenatchee's Pybus Market

When meeting friends or colleagues to talk about life or business, I usually try to meet them here at Cafe Columbia. Listed as one of my favorite places in the Wenatchee Valley.

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3. Mela Coffee Roasting - 17 N Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee

Located in the heart of historic downtown Wenatchee, it’s one of the best places to grab some food, tea or coffee and hang out and catch up with your bestie. In my opinion, this is the BEST coffee shop in all of Washington State. 

4. Foray Coffee - 1544 N Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee

Here’s how you order from Foray Coffee: You download the FREE Foray Coffee App, Order whatever you want. Pick it up and presto your order will be ready, nice and hot, when you get there - due to their really neat “GEO-FENCING-THEY-KNOW-HOW-CLOSE-YOU-ARE” technology. Pretty cool if you ask me.

5. Little Red’s Espresso & Bakery - Three locations

Aubrey and her team have really nailed it. In fact they’ve %#@@*# nailed it. IF you filled in the blank - You gotta get a cup that speaks your NSFW language. Just ask the barista what I mean.

INFO SOURCE for this article: Your feedback on Yelp

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