The air is crisp, your nose gets cold, the hair on your arms stands straight up if you haven’t layered up, and the sense of “Maybe if I eat soup for dinner, it’ll warm my bones.” When I get off work on cold days, wrapping up in a blanket and a nice warmish house. I say warmish house cause if the house is too hot for sleep, sleep does not happen. Are you like that? Do you have to have a somewhat cool home in order to sleep? I get kind of angry if the house is too warm cause I just toss and turn.  

I really think it’s funny when you look out the window and see our valley in the “in between months” when there’s no snow but the sun is shining bright like a diamond yet it’s freezing! By the way, you can tell when the weather is switching up, when you go to a restaurant and the waitress is really hyping up soups, not just because they need to get rid of the stuff. 

Here’s my two cents to you... Get yourself a weighted blanket, make sure you are stocked on soups, foods for crockpot recipes, and your favorite warm drink mix! Have these on hand all winter long, and when you get the urge to slow down from day to day, you will have something to treat yourself. And you can look out the window and take in the beautiful valley that we get to call home! Stay warm and be prepared!  

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