It’s a good day for a good day. By why though? Why is it a good day for a good day. Well, let me explain to you, my ways. I say that every single day to myself when I wake up, and whenever I need to keep pushing through. Positivity. We have talked before about the “ripple effect.” And we have touched based within that same article of the snowball effect, and how we have to continue our days positively so that at the end of the day/ “Snowball,” we will be filled with positive. But what happens when our day is just “bad.” 

Let’s pretend you’ve hit every red light on Chelan Ave here in Wenatchee, or you got stuck in a long line of car on Grant Road in East Wenatchee. Or How about a falling out with a friend. Whatever the case may be, and however the problem is, it’s still a good day for a good day.  

I still haven’t answered your “why though Aly?” And it’s because as many things that can go wrong, the only thing you have left to control is your own mind and outlook! Look around! Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have family or friends that genuinely love you? Do you have a pet that cannot wait for you to walk into the door, or how about something yummy waiting for you to eat? All of these things you have, and all of these things you need to reflect on when the going gets tough! You got this my friend! You really do! And It’s a Good Day for a Good Day! 

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