“You don’t have the energy for that.”  

Think about it. You go throughout your day, giving energy to everything under the sun. Putting forth energy towards loved ones, kids, work... Mainly work cause let’s be real, we are at work more than any other place. Stresses of life hit, the Holidays approach, financial stuff, to be real, anything we do, even to getting out of bed.  

I don’t know about you but when I get ready for the day or night out, I’m constantly thinking about what I have to do, have done and don’t want to do. But I also am analyzing my appearance as I go. “Does the shirt I want to wear, even fit?” “What pants do I wear?” “Ohh, I don’t know if I have the right shoes” to, and here’s the real kicker. “Should I even go? I feel and look like a slob!” No matter the scenario, I always ended up dissing myself in one way or another.  

One day, I’m standing in my bathroom getting ready for whatever event was coming up, and my cousin Jana was over at my place chit chatting with me, while I got ready. I started into my usual “do I even look ok?” talk... Out loud though, I wasn’t thinking it, I was actually saying it out loud and she heard me. She stopped talking about whatever it was that we had been speaking about to say this.  

“You don’t have the energy for that!” 

Stunned, and quite honestly not sure what she meant or why she said it, so I asked her. “What do you mean?!” 

“Aly, we go through so much stuff in our lives from bills to kids, events, or just even deciding to do the dishes. So much energy is wasted and spent and utilized that, simply, you don’t have the energy to beat yourself up like that.”  

Impactful to say the least! So next time you go to “diss yourself” or others for that matter just remember, “You don’t have the energy for that.” 

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