Ok, I’m going to be super real here… I’m sitting on the floor of my living room, writing this and just feeling the sense of “aaaaahhhhh.” Check back with me at the end of this to see if that’s good or bad… Still up for debate.  

School year has started, and routines are set, homework, rides, practices, clubs, snacks, friends over, “can we pleeeaaasssseeeee do this after school?!”  (Most of these, I assume cause well mine is still in kindergarten… remember the whole, just click here to refresh) 

Some days I feel like we work to live and live to work. Sometimes I feel like there’s not enough hours in the day for actual kiddo and parent time. Like we set schedules for their best interest, we make sure they are fed well and have a smile on their face. Sure, we as parents have to get onto them every once in a while, for their own sake of needing to learn. But what happens when we get off work finally, and we get our kiddos. Could be a plethora of things from chores to practice, homework to free time. Dinner, and unwind to bed. General consensus, right? Ish, maybe? As I type this, I feel like we are just preparing them to work come home, sleep, work come home sleep. Cause lets be real, unless you are in a field of work that you love, or you are dang good at that sport you played in high school, that you get paid to do so or something along the lines of it. Work, come home, work, is what we do. 

I’m trying to think of where we can continue to have these young minds grow and how the random acts of spontaneity can be good and teach all of us new things. Am I saying let’s get rid of routines and let ‘em have a free for all? Oh, heavens no, please Lord no! But what I am saying, let’s not forget as parents to be our goofy selves, to randomly say “hey, lets go on a walk” do things for you and them to enjoy together. We are always going to have the next task, but maybe look over at your child, friend, co-worker, boss… Lighten the mood... Stick your tongue out, giggle and carry on with your bad self! It’s life, lets live to enjoy! Now back to, Is my sense of “aaaaaahhhhhh..” good or bad? You decide for me, could just be a taste of my randomness for the day…  

Photo Cred: Aly/Canva
Photo Cred: Aly/Canva

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