Fried Chicken, mmm just two words that instantly make my mouth water. Crispy outside, juicy inside, seasoned to perfection, fried until golden brown, served with delectable sides like coleslaw, mac n cheese, corn bread, baked beans, whatever your heart desires, you know you already got the prize-winning Fried Chicken to devour, sides are just for filling the plate!  

Now we could start a serious debate here on who’s momma makes the best fried chicken, but nope, not gunna go there. Instead, I’ll just help you out by giving you the- 


Best Fried Chicken in the Wenatchee Valley: 

Alberson’s - You might be looking at your screen like, “Wait, she wants me to make it?” No! Go to the deli and ask for their fried chicken, get as much as your heart desires and feel your taste buds dance with each bite! (My favorite in the Valley)  

Safeway – Like Alberson’s they know how to get the perfect crisp, but this is super legit. The store offers “Cheap Chicken Monday’s” Awesome prices for some yummy chicken! 

Buzz Inn – The two locations in the valley (Wenatchee and East Wenatchee) offer some really good fried chicken and they offer some of the best chicken fried steak!  

Chicken Shack – Fairly new to Wenatchee, but also very good! Their menu is all things fried chicken, wings, tenders, pick your sauce and enjoy!  

KFC – Now I may be super partial to this chain but it’s because they have never let me down! Original Recipe please with a side of the coleslaw, a biscuit and mac n cheese please!

The Wenatchee Valley does not have a Popeye’s Chicken and that just makes me sad, because I finally got to try them in Yakima WA, and man was that so good! So, for the time being, enjoy those top suggestions and bring on the napkins! 

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