Ok, I'll be honest, unless they were President since I've been alive, no I am not confident I can name who's been in the Presidential Seat.

I'm not alone though! Most of us don't remember quite a few!

I can feel my history teacher shaking her head with disapproval. I know we studied all of them in class, but I must have been sick that week? Right?

A quiz taken by 13.9 million people revealed some shocking evidence of how little we know.

The Quiz is called, “Can you name the presidents of the United States of America?”



No, I will not name the presidents on Mount Rushmore. Because sadly I cannot.

Here are some of the interesting finds from the "Can You Name The Presidents Of The United States?" Quiz...

The Top 5 Forgotten US Presidents

We don't mean to forget who served as president, it just happens. I had completely forgotten most of the people on this list (sorry to their families, but I'm being honest).

Gallery Credit: Aly

Did you remember any of the names on that list?

Like I mentioned before, I did not remember, nor did I even know what they looked like.

With this being said, I guess I should brush up on my Presidential Knowledge. Afterall, I do have a little girl who will be learning all this as she grows in her academics, so why not be able to say,

"Heck yes I can help you with your president history!"

I'd feel like a "cool mom."


Ok, again I'll be honest, I just wanted to share that Gif. You're welcome :)

(If you don't love a good mean girls meme then you probably know all the Presidents...)

Test Your Knowledge and learn more here!

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