Recently I visited North Bend WA, a very popular stopping point for bathroom breaks, refueling up and then some. One thing in particular that I noticed though... A father teaching his son how to us a "telephone booth."

Photo Credit: Aly
Photo Credit: Aly

The pictures of the phone booths are the exact ones I saw the son being taught at.

Now, it occurred to me that this son may have never seen one of these in person! I was right.

I was observing this father son duo playing around and decided to get out of my rig to go talk with them. My curiosity seems to spike when it comes across as maybe awkward. I was met with, "Are you just sitting here waiting to see if someone uses the phone booth?" to which I laugh, cause rightfully so, a random, seemingly nice person coming up to you and your kin would be a bit odd, more odd than playing with a phone booth.

Once I mentioned that it was all in timing, the father seemed to be ok with things. Continuing with conversation, I asked the boy if he had seen one before, and besides online, he had not.

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

So how many phone booths are there left in Washington State?

While that answer is a bit harder to answer, click here and take a look at the different towns you can use one! Washington Payphone Locator (

"Now, there are just over 20,000 working boxes left, which still sounds like quite a lot, given it's hard to imagine anyone actually using one. And yet, they do. According to Ofcom, 5m calls are still made from phone boxes annually" - The last phone boxes | The Guardian

Have you ever used a phone booth? I have! we used to have about three attached to a coffee stand/gas station I worked at. Those however are long gone now though.

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