Have you seen the newest Bigfoot video sighting?? If not, don't worry, I gotchu!

Ok, so do we believe it? Was it just someone who dresses up and tries to freak out train passer byers? I mean, I don't think we will ever fully know, at least with that video.

Previous sightings like the famous one below, proves that the elusive Bigfoot has baffled us for years!

So where could Bigfoot be hiding in North Central Washington? Speculate with me...

Possibility 1: Squilchuck State Park 

I dare you to tell me I'm wrong. The vast beauty, the dense trees, already made trails to roam, water... All the elements to make a perfect cocktail of habitable areas for Mr. Bigfoot.


Possibility 2: The Enchantments

Surreal, Serene, and magnificent, how could Bigfoot choose not to roam here?! He's used to hiking so the Enchantments must be a cake to walk to for him, of course he's there!

Possibility 3: Clockum Pass

At times, this is a hunter's paradise, why wouldn't it be bigfoots?!


Possibility 4: Blewett Pass

Hopefully, if Bigfoot is indeed camping out on Blewett Pass, he doesn't decide to walk across the highway as one of us takes one of the bends in the road.


Possibility 5: Lake Wenatchee

Everyone else camps there, why can't Bigfoot?


Bonus Possibility: Leavenworth WA

Because Bigfoot wants a Stein too!

Bonus - Bonus Possibility: Snoqualmie Falls

Where else would Mr. Bigfoot shower?! Hellooo

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