Know before you burn.

Washington State seems to have a ton of wildfires every year, some are started by lightning, and some are started by human error.

Human error fires make me so mad.

Such a bias statement, but as someone who's gone through some gnarly fires within the Eastside of Washington State.


Not fun, nor is it funny, but that gif lightened up the mood again.

What is the Washington State Burning Guideline?

Let's break this down a bit better for us.

Fire safety burn bans
Washington Dept. of Natural Resources
  • Check for a fire safety burn ban on state lands.
  • Regulates burning on state lands.
  • Restricts outdoor burning, such as campfires and debris burning.
Local fire districts
  • Check with your local fire district before lighting a fire.
  • Restrict burning in city limits and unincorporated areas of the county.










Want to know the Burn Restrictions as they happen? Click Here.

I love that live look map, really gives you a feel for what to be aware of.

For Local burn bans, make sure to know the county you are in and camping in.

You will notice different burning levels depending on the county you are in.

Know of an illegal burn?

Report it here.

Have the following information ready:

  • Your name and phone number. If we don't have this, we won't be able to contact you if we need more information. However, you may call anonymously
  • Date and time of burning
  • The county and town you live in
  • The nature of your complaint or comment
  • Specific location of smoke (if known)
  • Source of smoke (if known)
  • Landowner and/or burner (if known)
  • A detailed description including what is being burned

Stay in the know, and burn with caution, or don't.

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