There's a delicious new apple variety coming to market, and Washington State University (WSU) researchers are looking for the public to help name it with an online contest.

WA 64 is ready for its patent debut

The apple, which has been known as "WA 64," was first created in 1998 at the WSU -  Wenatchee Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center. It was initially a crossbred apple between the Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink (Pink Lady®) apples, and has been carefully bred for over 20 years - and officially debuted last year (2023).

In a couple of years, Washington farmers will be able to get the tree variety. It is expected to be available regularly in grocery stores in 2029.

Head of WSU's apple breeding program Kate Evans said, "WA 64 is a great balance of tart and sweet, firm, crisp, and juicy. In taste tests, people prefer its texture to Cripps Pink — it’s crisper.”

Close-up of sliced WA 64 apple
Washington State University / Canva

WSU seeking name ideas through an online contest

Because the patent requires a name for the apple, WSU is seeking public input through an online contest. The apple is described for all as follows:

  • The apple is small to medium, and round with 40 to 70% of the surface covered with a pink blush over a yellow background. It colors well if exposed to direct light.
  • WA 64 is slightly less hard but considerably more crisp and juicy than Cripps Pink.
  • Comparisons with Honeycrisp show that WA 64 is harder and is slightly less crisp and juicy.
  • The apples maintain their flavor and firmness throughout storage and show very little incidence of storage disorders.

In-person events at the Pullman WSU campus are expected for this spring, which will give visitors a chance to see and taste the apple for themselves.

As for the winning entry?

They'll win a specially branded box with the following:

  • A charcuterie board engraved with the contest-winning name suggestion
  • A gift box of WA 64 apples
  • A 30 oz. can of Cougar Gold Cheese from the WSU Creamery
  • A 4.8 oz. shaker of WSU Everything Spice Rub, and a 4.8 oz shaker of WSU Espresso Spice Rub from the WSU Meats Lab
  • A WSU coffee cup
  • A WSU water bottle

Enter the contest and share your ideas for WA 64’s official name at

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