Swifties are sharing their reactions to the report that Taylor Swift's private jet usage in the last three months totaled `138 tons of CO2 emissions.

The "Lavender Haze" hitmaker has been using her private jets to visit and watch her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, play in NFL games for the Kansas City Chiefs. In the last three months since their relationship has been made public, she has flown to see him 12 times. She has also used the jets to travel internationally and domestically for her The Eras Tour.

According to the data, the flights used 12,622 gallons of jet fuel which would be worth over $70,000. Using the Environmental Protection Agency's Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, the flights produced 138 tons of carbon emissions. That amount of energy could be used to power 26.9 houses for a year's worth of electricity. To offset the pollution, 2,282 trees would have to be planted and thrive for 10 years in order to offset the damage.

"Before the tour kicked off in March of 2023, Taylor purchased more than double the carbon credits needed to offset all tour travel," Swift's representative said in a statement to UNILAD. "The excess credits means Taylor could have accounted for more than enough to cover her latest romance springing up in the middle of her sell-out tour, with her trips to support Kelce upping her carbon emissions alongside her planned tour travels."

TikToks about her private jet usage have since gone viral with one post alone gaining over 800,000 favorites and 4.7 million views.

"I’m a huge Swiftie but this is so disappointing," one person admitted in the comments section. Another jokingly wrote, "45 degrees in December (taylors version)."

"I love Taylor Swift but this just infuriates me," another added. "I am a huge Swiftie and this isn't okay. However, calling only her out, especially saying she deserves to die because of this, is misogyny and disgusting," a fan noted.

"And she buys carbon credits for this exact reason, keep in mind she can’t fly commercial because it’s a genuine concern for safety but ok," a Swiftie pointed out.

"Taylor Swift is a talented person, but that does not excuse this," a user concluded.

You'll recall that in August 2022, Swift came under fire for being named the celebrity that created the most carbon emissions using a private jet for the year. An analytics agency shared data regarding her private jet being used 170 times from January through August 2022. The average trip was 80 minutes with the shortest being 36 minutes. Her jet created 8,293.54 tons of emissions, which is 1,184.8 times more than the average person’s total annual emissions.

“Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals,” Swift's representative said in a statement. “To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.”

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