Where would Washington State be placed - IF we could drape it across the Continent of Europe? 

Here is my worksheet for this story:

Credit: Connor
Credit: Connor

How North is the world famous city of Lights, Paris France - in relation to us here in the Pacific Northwest?

Well let's start with that.

CREDIT: Free School (via YouTube)
CREDIT: Free School (via YouTube)


Paris and Bellingham are roughly the same Northern latitude. 

-Actually, Paris sits a slight bit higher up on the globe.

The City of Lights, Paris officially is listed at 48.85 degrees North. Bellingham is listed at 48.75…About the same. 

With this in mind -  The United Kingdom would fit in nicely inside British Columbia. Scotland is as far North as Southeast Alaska!


Seattle and Zurich Switzerland both share similar latitudes at 47.6 degrees North.

(I'm imagining the Space Needle nestled in the Swiss Alps with the Ricola guy)


Spokane and Mariupol, Ukraine share similar North latitude at 47.6 degrees North


Wenatchee and Budapest, Hungary are similar in latitude (47.4 degrees North)

-Fun fact, I just met a KW3 listener named Johnny who is from Hungary. Nice guy…thank you for listening to KW3 Johnny!

Moses Lake shares a similar latitude to Valdez Liechtenstein.

-Liechtenstein is a small nation with a population of 38,254…slightly more than Moses Lake’s 25,583! (population figures are from 2021)

Port Angeles shares latitude with Vienna Austria (48.1 degrees North)

Pullman and Milan Italy are latitude cousins (at 46.7 degrees North)

Yakima (the Hops Capital of America) shares a similar latitude with Bern Switzerland - 46.6 degrees North.

Vancouver, WA and Lyon France both have a Northern latitude of 45.6 degrees

Tri-Cities and Geneva Switzerland sit nicely at 46.2 degrees North


-Next time you and your family are running around France, Austria or Switzerland, know that you're at roughly the same place on the globe as our home in Washington State!

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