The return of Monday Night football, and the next few months of moods being determined by our favorite football teams. Beers being poured, snacks being made… Seahawks gear washed n ready to wear (unless your superstitious and you don’t wash your seahawk gear, cause if you did, they might lose) I get it! Some of my favorite game day snacks are the ones you just buy in the store already precut cheeses and meats on a big ole platter… I always feel a sense of “ahhhh this is what life’s about!” Sit back on the couch with a favorite blanket and get ready to cheer, boo and even scream.

Monday Sept. 12th marked a HUGE day for not only the Seahawks but also the “12th Man.” Never mind the fact that the game was even held on the 12th, but our opponent was The Denver Broncos, against the once beloved Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson. There was chatter about whether Hawks fans would cheer on Russell, how the game would play out… You name it! Huge for Seattle fans far and wide!

So how did I, Aly celebrate the game?! Snacks? Favorite blanket? Seahawks gear? Well, I mean not to be too impressive and boastful… I was totally enamored in…. Princess music and barbies. I did however keep up with the game via News Radio 560 KPQ, but let me tell you, when my little girl is with me… Momma’s got to be on “mom mode.” Plus believe it or not, I don’t even have a TV at my place… Not that I don’t want one, I just haven’t picked it up from an old house I used to live at.

Bummed I didn’t get to see the plays as they happened, and I didn’t get to almost lose my voice from celebrating the win over Russell Wilson… I did however get to hear giggles, new jokes (knock knock…) songs she learned at kindergarten, and a relaxing what Jenna and I call “Girls Night!” Many games to come for our beloved Seahawks and I can’t wait to celebrate the highs and lows of the season, but I’m also very happy with the memories made and the sound of “Let it goooooo let it gooooo” playing over and over while my little girl, Jenna sang along.

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