Taylor Swift & the 72,000 Swifties Made Seattle Bounce

Were you able to see Taylor Swift in Seattle? I was fortunate to be there on Saturday (July 22nd) for her first night.

After her second song, Taylor shared with us: 


“Now. I’m gonna tell you a secret. Not all crowds are the same. We have been incredibly lucky on the Era’s Tour, we have been incredibly lucky to have people show up and dance and jump and sing and shriek and scream and bounce…we have been very very lucky. Especially on this tour. But I’ll say to you, in the past, we had a stadium tour that we had called the Reputation World Tour. (crowd erupts) And I had made a diary entry, when I was on that tour that just simply said: ‘Seattle Washington is the best crowd I have ever played for in my life.’ (crowd erupts) And so - no pressure, but all pressure. And - I know you got this, we just played a couple of songs for you - you are absolutely as out of your minds as I remember and it is an absolute honor to play here” 

Taylor's Seattle mention starts at the :16 mark below

The Seattle Swifties jumped, shrieked and sang their hearts out - for 3 ½ hours! That's not counting the warm and loud reception they gave to opening acts Haim and Gracie Abrams.

There were moments during the concert that I felt Lumen Field vibrate.

Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a seismologist and geology professor at Western Washington University told CNN that the concert produced a 2.3 magnitude earthquake.

How? Lots of fans singing, jumping and losing their mind.

I’ve only felt that kind of vibration Sounders & Seahawks games. Seahawks fans, the 12s, get as loud as a jet engine to prevent the opposing quarterback from changing the plays at the line of scrimmage. They also are known for the "Beast Quake."  (Marshawn Lynch's epic Touchdown run vs. the New Orleans Saints in the 2011 NFL Playoffs. - that produced a 2.0 magnitude earthquake)

I don't really want to get into a snickering match between Seahawks fans and Swifties (pause) but I will say the Swifties have it in the bag.  -Jackie Caplan-Auerbach (Seismologist/Professor at Western Washington University)

A lot of credit goes to the Seattle crowds - with an assist going to the Lumen field roof design. It was engineered to give an extreme amount of home field to the Seahawks. The curved architecture of the roof focuses and directs the crowd noise directly to the opposing offensive unit on the field...or towards the current most popular music act in the world.

After two shows in Seattle, Taylor Swift’s ears had to be ringing for days.


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