She's coming BACK! To theaters at least!

The rumors were true, Taylor Swift was in fact filming bits of her "Era's Tour" to be played on the big screen!

That's right! You don't have to miss the Era's tour action, just head to the big screen, sit back and enjoy!

Coming October 13th to an AMC Theater Location near you! Yes, this is a chance to "fan girl scream!!"

And just like one of Taylor's concerts, there will be limited edition Taylor Swag available while supplies last! Only in AMC Theaters.


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Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Glendale, AZ
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Be a part of History that's been in the making!

Taylor's Swift Era's Tour may be wrapped up State side, but you get to dive right back into the tour, with a little more of an intimate view.

Maybe you attended the "Era's Tour" and you got the side view of the stage, this gives you the oppurtunity to get all the action!

Don't forget your limited edition Taylor Swift Popcorn Bucket, and or the Taylor Swift Collectable Cup! (pictures above)

Taylor loves her fans, and the fact that she has filmed this very personal experience of hers is a treat to all!

My only question is...

Do we get up and dance in the theater, or is that frowned upon? Asking for me. 

Also, maybe we should set-up a countdown to the first viewings! How fun! We should also dress up like we did for the concerts.

SPOTTED: Celebrities Having a Blast at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Let's take a look at all of the famous Swifties that were spotted in the stands.

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25 Must See Pix From Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Stop In Denver

From the "countdown to midnights" to start her show, to an incredible firework-filled ending, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour set the new standard for how a live show should be. I can't put into words just how fantastic this show was. Nobody loves their fans more than Taylor and her team and this show was proof of that. Here are some of our favorite pictures from the show from the couple of different areas my family saw night one from.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM






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