I have lived in various locations around North Central Washington. Spanning from Brewster WA to Wenatchee & East Wenatchee WA. I grew up playing until the streetlights came on in Pateros WA and graduated High School from Brewster WA back in 2008. Since moving out of mom and dad's house, 15 years ago, I have gotten to experience the world of renting and living in the Wenatchee area. About a year ago I made the move to Cashmere WA. Let me tell you how much I have felt more "at home" since I moved away from home all those 15 years ago. Nothing against Wenatchee or East Wenatchee, but let me give you the...

Top 5 Reasons living in Cashmere WA is the BEST!

1. Super cute, small town! Being the 172nd largest town in Washington State, with a population of 3,202, you still have an opportunity to meet new people, but you also get to meet some really cool lifelong residents who take pride in the Cashmere way of life. Walk into a store after a couple times, they will learn your name. Pioneer Market is one of my favorite stops to make. Cute little Market with employees I consider great friends.

2. An amazing school system for kids. From Vale elementary, the middle school to high school, the education system does not miss. Along with the athletics programs. Top Notch! They also have teachers working there that have grown up in Cashmere as well that have graduated from the school as well. Go Bulldogs!

3. An all-around safe town. Stats show that Cashmere WA is safer that 62% of Cities in the US. The Crime rate is 31.38 per 1,000 residents. That's only 1 in 1,067 chances of becoming a victum of a violent crime.

4. The Chelan County Expo Center. Home to the Chelan County Fair, the NCW Prospectors Gold Treasure and More Show and other amenities, gather the family and attend one of their many events!

5. Aplets and Cotlets. How could I not put this on the list?! Short answer: I wouldn't miss an opportunity. Home of Aplets and Cotlets, heck, it's even on the "Welcome to Cashmere" sign. We get to have a yummy taste of the locally owned Aplets and Cotlets.

All in all, you will find something fun to explore, something tasty to eat and even make a friend by simply visiting. I have the honor of living in this beautiful community. Maybe I'm bias, maybe I'm not, I do know though, I have never been happier!

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