Cashmere WA is super cute, quiet and lovely to live in and even just visit! But like most towns on the Eastern side of Washington State, it get's hot in the summer! Sure, there's the river to swim in, but you never know with currents, and just general safety. Save yourself stress and also beat the Heat in Cashmere WA this summer by cooling off in the...

Cashmere City Pool

Photo Credit: Cashmere Pool Schedule
Photo Credit: Cashmere Pool Schedule

Yes, you read that right, only 5 Dollars for general admission, with open swim being from 1pm - 4:15pm Monday through Sunday!

Thats a heck of a cheap way to cool off during the hottest parts of our NCW summer days!

Have little ones that want to learn how to swim? Sign them up for the swimming lessons! They'll be swimming like a fish in no time!

Growing up, it took nothing to ask if I wanted to go swimming. You could have just held a bathing suit up and I would already be in the car waiting to go to the pool with my swim goggles already on. To say I love swimming is an understatement.

Perfect for exercise, cooling off and having fun with the entire family!

Choose a swim package that fits your needs and check out all the Cashmere city pool has to offer! Don't forget the sunscreen! Also, please remember to stay hydrated this summer! Drink your water, and then drink some more!

The End of the pool season will be August 29th, 2023.

Enjoy, Bring a life vest and beat the heat all summer long at the Cashmere City Pool!

Grand Rapids Pools And Splash Pads 2023

Summer goes by way too fast when you live in Michigan. That's why you have to squeeze out every moment of sunshine we get. One of the best things to do is enjoy the awesome pools and splash pads that the city of Grand Rapids offers for residents and non-residents. Here's the schedule for the summer of 2023.

Private Pools in Michigan That You Can Rent

Take a look at these swimming pools that are available to rent through Simply. The "Airbnb for swimming pools" is an online platform that allows individuals to rent out their private swimming pools to others for a designated period.

You can book a pool for a specific date and time, and pay the owner for the rental. It's an awesome way for pool owners to monetize their pools while offering a fun unique swimming experience to those that don't have access to a pool of their own.

Abandoned Burnt Motel and Pool Area, Flint


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