In the past several weeks, most Washingtonian's were getting ready for the upcoming Holiday Season.

We were also bracing for:  The bad weather - And for the awful details out of Moscow, Idaho. We wanted the dirt on the 2022 World Cup and who heck is this Google Doodle all about?

- Here are Google Trends most Searched for in Washington State

(From December 10th, 2022 to January 9th, 2023)


We’ll list Washington State’s Most Googled Queries (what questions were most asked) and Washington State’s most searched for Topics.


Washington State’s Most Googled Topics in the past 30 days - with my commentary on each.

  1. New Year - We all wanted to know if 2023 was going to be kinder and gentler

  2. Avatar -  Checking out our offspring’s possible future home

  3. Winter Storm Warning - Getting ready for those Holiday Winter Storms

  4. Gift Card - What do we get dad?

  5. 2023 - See item #1

  6. Washington State Department of Transportation - Oh dang. The roads are bad

  7. Road - oh dang what road was I meaning to look up?

  8. Snoqualmie Pass - Oh dang, this is gonna take awhile to see grandma

  9. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (or how we like to call it: Sea-Tac Airport) - Honey…tell me you didn’t book us with Southwest!

  10. Ice - Did we get studded tires this year?

  11. France - The highly favored 2022 World Cup squad

  12. Gift - Is anyone listening? What. Do. We. Get. Dad????!!!!!

  13. Murder - The University of Idaho tragedy

  14. Cookie - How do I make cookies in time - before the in-laws arrive?

  15. Mountain Pass - Just how bad is it?

Washington State’s Most Googled Queries (What Questions were most Googled - With my commentary on each item

  1. Damar Hamlin - Buffalo Bills Safety who suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday Night Football

  2. Hamlin - I only know his last name

  3. Ken Block - Rally driver Ken Block dies in snowmobile accident

  4. Maria Telkes - Google celebrated the Hungarian Solar-scientist with a “doodle”

  5. Bryan Kohberger - University of Idaho tragedy suspect

  6. Damar Hamlin Update -  Fingers crossed, How is Damar doing?

  7. Jeremy Renner - The Marvel star, crushed by snow plow near his Nevada home

  8. Ana Mercedes Hoyos - A Dec 17th Google Doodle celebrating the Columbian painter

  9. Judith Leyster -  Dec 19th doodle featuring a 17th Century Dutch painter

  10. MIke Leach - Our beloved late Wazzu football coach. Long live the Pirate.

  11. Barbara Walters - Broadcast TV Pioneer who passed on Dec. 30th (aged 93)

  12. France vs. Morocco - The most googled World Cup game in Wash. State

  13. Dori Monson - KIRO Seattle radio host who passed on New Year’s Eve (aged 61)

  14. Argentina vs. France - The 2022 World Cup Final (the 2nd most Googled match)

  15. Argentina vs. Croatia - What’s Messi gonna do in this game?

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