I don’t travel to Portland OR. Very often. The last time I made the trip I could have gone the fastest way Over Snoqualmie Pass and down the I-5 corridor to Portland. It’s the fastest way to drive but there is not much to see. Just a lot of long boring roads. The route I took was a shorter distance but it added another hour and a half to my driving time however it was a much better drive. 

I like to drive to Portland by way of Ellensburg, Yakima, and Goldendale, across the Columbia River to The Dalles, and follow I-84 past Hood River to Portland. 

There are many good reasons to travel to Portland OR. The food is great, and the live music scene may be more vibrant than in Seattle, for the arts you need to check out the “Pearl District”. It’s weird, it’s quirky and naked cycling is legal.  

Solar panel and wind turbine farm clean energy.
Blue Planet Studio

The first leg of my drive was over Blewett Pass and into Ellensburg. I drive an electric car so I like to stop there at the local Taco Bell which is also a charging location. I’ll top off the battery, take a “comfort break” and grab a bite to eat. Then it's on the road to Yakima by way of Canyon Road. This is a beautiful drive, especially in the spring, summer, and fall. If you are driving a sports car, you will love it. I’m not encouraging you to break any speed laws, but it is a fun road to drive. 


If you have the family on your trip when you hit Yakima there are plenty of things to check out including bills Berry Farm www.billsberryfarm.com , in July you can pick your own cherry. The Yakima Valley Museum www.yvmuseum.org , tells stories of the region with a strong emphasis on agriculture and the Yakima Native American heritage. 

Then you turn onto US 97 south and head for Goldendale. More of your trip coming soon.

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