The Wenatchee Wild Hockey League is blessed to have two very experienced "behind the mic" PA Announcers. One being Connor (click here to read more) and the other being Jonathan West.

I got to catch a phone call with Mr. West and learned a ton about him and his passion for broadcasting.

How long have you been behind a mic?

Jonathan: I started in middle school in New Orleans, drama teacher (Ann Chance) was teaching us all how to speak from our diaphragm. About 30 years ago. She is who I credit my career to. I moved to Mobile Alabama for high school, there was no preforming arts at the high school, so I dove into sports. at my high school graduation party, my Pastor’s Wife asked, “Have you ever thought about broadcasting?” Me: “Well maybe as a fall back." to appease the moment.  

I went to Auburn University. Wanted to do “all the things” but while walking through the student union, saw a flyer for volunteer broadcaster for the campus radio station. In the first semester of college, I found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

I love announcing, PA announcing maybe more because of the immediate reaction from people.  

What got you into announcing for Hockey?

Jonathan: The rink that I worked at in Colorado was where all the visiting teams practiced who played against the Avalanche. Rink was halfway between Denver and Boulder. I first started announcing when I was at the ice rink, I was the assistant to the hockey director, and told the director, "I am a broadcaster by trade." which turned into him announcing youth and adult games.  

A well-beloved goalie passed away suddenly at age 40.  I was asked by the adult hockey director, in full pads, to do a eulogy for Boyd Davey at the Sun Microsystems Ice Center in the Denver Area. The Eulogy was presented in full goalie gear. The game was lost but the Eulogy was well received and appreciated by all who heard. 

I have worked in every level of hockey except for the NHL.  

What are you looking forward to?

Jonathan: To seeing the community, embrace the higher level of hockey. Helping spread the word and make a great experience for people to also spread the word about going to a Wild Hockey Game. To also get people to travel to these games. There’s a lot of potential in the Apple Capitol.  

Any final thoughts for our readers?

Jonathan: I end every game by telling the fans, “We love you, Ernie.” honoring the longtime PA Announcer we lost very suddenly. And thank you to the Wild Staff who have been so welcoming! 

Photo Credit: Jonathan West
Photo Credit: Jonathan West

We look forward to hearing you behind the Mic Jonathan!

To catch his next Wild PA Announcing, be sure to attend the Wild game on Oct. 24th, 2023, vs. Kamloops.

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Learn more about Jonathan West here!

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