As a fan of rom-coms, I stumbled upon a movie over the Christmas season called on the Lifetime Channel, Cloudy With a Chance of Christmas. A story about a meteorogist doing her national weather forecast show from a small town…where of course romance blossoms. Suddenly, I noticed it was filmed in Leavenworth! Well, duh. I mean, Leavenworth is Christmastown USA (according to another movie filmed there, All I Want For Christmas). 

Leavenworth is a great place Hollywood has often visited. They’ve been bringing their cameras to our quaint little German themed town as far back as 1925 with the movie, The Ancient Highway.

Now that I live in Wenatchee, I’m suddenly noticing these films popping up all over the place. In fact, I didn’t realize until recently that in my Walt Disney Presents DVD collection, I have a movie called, Three on the Run that aired in on the The Magical World of Disney in 1978 (starring Denver Pyle, who played Uncle Jesse on the the TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard), that was also filmed in Leavenworth. 

This past week, I was checking out movie trailers for soon to be released movies…and there’s yet another Leavenworth based film coming to Amazon Prime on February 10th. This time it’s a…ah…well…another rom-com. About a…ah…workaholic girl who returns to her small hometown…and…ah…falls for an old flame. But there’s a…ah…bit of a complication. OK, so this one is different because it’s rated R. Most likely for some foul-language and brief nudity.

It’s the movie that was shot back in 2021 called, Somebody I Used to Know. Gee, I wonder if they'll use the number one hit song by the same name by Goyte? It stars and was co-written by Alison Brie (from the TV shows Mad Men, and Community), Danny Pudi (also from the TV show, Community) and Jay Ellis (from the movie, Top Gun: Maverick, which by the way was partially filmed in the sky over the Wenatchee Valley). 

We don’t know how many Rotten Tomatoes there are yet on Somebody I Used to Know, for there hasn’t been any reviews of this movie thus far, but if you’re anything like me, I like to judge a movie by it’s trailer. Of course, regardless how good or bad the reviews are, I’ll end up watching it simply because it’s in our backyard. And I do love a rom-com. No matter how much the plot line is like every other Lifetime or Hallmark channel movie. 

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