Residents of the state of Washington have been flooded with a bunch of AI tools this year. I’ve only tried a couple of them - and both (probably all) are boasting that they are the best chatbot for your needs.After going through and trying every one of them - over and over, the experts at Neuron delivered their report on what chatbot is truly delivering the best results for you. 

2023 was the year of the chatbot - Here are Neuron's power rankings for the 12 best chatbots you can use right now - for non-technical work.

Tied for 1st: ChatGPT-4This program is hands down the smartest. - in terms of having the strongest writing, coding, and reasoning abilities. The best chatbot available. Tied for 1st: Gemini Ultra—In theory - The Google Gemini Ultra is expected to be as powerful as GPT-4. The public won’t know for sure until its 2024 release. 3rd: Claude 2If you need to manage lengthy and large PDFs this is your go-to choice. Claud 2 handles 75,000 words and rarely "hallucinates." Some feedback suggests that it can be "somewhat stiff." 4th: PerplexityIf you need a chatbot that deals with real-time information -this is your go-to chatbot.  Upgrading to Perplexity Pro will also give you access to both Claude-2 and GPT-4. Tied for 5th: PiThe most “human-like” chatbot. On the negative side: Blending your work with business data can be a challenge. Tied for 5th: Bing ChatDelivers GPT-4-esque responses, has internet access, and can generate images. There are reports of bad user experience and unfortunately, Bing Chat does not support PDFs. Tied for 5th: BardThe good feedback: It is powered by Gemini Pro, and offers users to internet access and answer verification. The bad feedback on Bard - is it tends to "hallucinate" more frequently. The Best of the rest
  • ChatGPT-3.5The good: Reliable & free. The bad: "Prone to frequent hallucinations."
  • GrokThe good: Personable and able to access tweets. The bad: Grok can’t upload PDFs.
  • Mistral 7B
  • Llama 2

INFO: Neuron

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