Process for Checking Luggage at Pangborn Airport Will Speed Up

Currently, the only destination out of East Wenatchee’s Pangborn Airport (via Horizon Air/Alaska Airlines) is Sea-Tac Airport. Alaska recently debuted jet service to the route in December of 2022.

Alaska Airlines is setting up to be the first U.S. airline to pioneer and use electronic bag tags.

What is this?

Electronic bag tags will allow you to skip the step of printing traditional bag tags at the airport. Alaska Airlines' debut for the new electronic bag tags should start this autumn (Fall of 2023.)

Who currently is able to use an electronic bag tag?

You’ll be able to see how it works - if you have already signed up for the Alaska Airlines’ bag tag trial. With your trial electronic bag tag, you’ll should be able to use the service if:

Your cell phone is capable of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth 4.0, like an iPhone SE (2nd gen) / iPhone 7 or later or a Samsung A51 or later.

You are using a recent version of the Alaska Airlines mobile app to check in. (Android version 4.12.0 / iOS version 5.12.0 or newer) .

You are traveling solely within the United States on Alaska Airlines and Alaska flights operated by Horizon or SkyWest  -Alaska Airlines

You may now use your electronic bag tag when traveling with multiple bags, on a reservation with multiple passengers, or need to pay a bag fee.
If you think this sounds amazing, sign up for the Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air notification list. They’ll let you know when the electronic bag tags will become available for you to purchase.

INFO: Alaska Airlines

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