Have you ever been so stinking cold in your place of work that you grab a blanket?! I have, in fact, I’m using a blanket right now as I write this, with a little heater under my desk as well. Now, do I get cold easily? Nope. Do I just like to stay extra warm? Nope. It’s just dang cold in this building and I can’t really do anything about it unless I mess with the thermostat and mess with studio temperatures around the building. So, a blanket and heater it is!  

As I shiver and write this, I wonder, “Like why dear lord baby Jesus does it have to be so cold? Did I do wrong with you?! Does the person controlling the thermostat have a lot of body heat so they don’t realize how cold it actually is?”  

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer, so I continue through the finger numbing cold of this building. Does our heat even work? Yes, yes it does.  

You see though, once the summer months hit us, we then get blessed with “Women’s Winter.” Maybe you’ve heard of her? Much like actual winter, building still cold but outside is warm. Women’s winter also entails a possible blanket and a heater for under the desk. Heaven, forbid you wear a cute tank top, you WILL want sleeves! Never underestimate women's winter!  

It’s like a never-ending battle to stay “comfortable” not too hot, and not too cold. But rest assured, once you do find that balance. You’ll have to do the same thing the next day. And the next day. And the nex... 

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