Do you still drink iced coffees when it’s cold outside? Think about how silly that sounds, you pull up to a coffee stand, you order your “usual” and it’s snowing, but your usual is a beautifully iced coffee... Do you switch to steamed milk instead? My short answer is NO, but lemme give you my reasonings on why I still order my iced coffee. 


I like what I like – Rain, snow, sleet or shine, I love iced coffee 

Hot coffee gets cold fast anyway – I mean unless you're drinking that sucker down quick, its gunna eventually be cold anyways 

Just tastes better – to my taste buds at least 

I only have “cold tumbler cups” - Not that I bring a personal cup to the stands every time, but most the time I do cause well I have a problem with buying drink tumblers 

I like to shake the ice – Maybe it’s a habit or what have you but I love to shake my cups to “stir things up” and then take a nice gulp... Weird but it’s just something I do.  

I ALWAYS burn my tongue or roof of my mouth – So knowing that about myself, why would I subject my mouth to the pain?? 


No matter your opinion of Iced or hot coffees, like I stated, “I like what I like.” silly or not silly, even if it’s -24 degrees, I’d still like my usual iced coffee, and on the plus side! Think about it, you have an iced coffee, your outside, you have a natural coffee holder, the snow, hot coffee would just taste nasty after letting it “chill in the snow” but not our iced coffees!  

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