A few months ago (November of 2023) U.S. News rated the Cruise Lines, locally and around the world - based on three elements. First, they looked to their panel of experts (of which they gave 30% towards the overall score.) The experts looked at the ship's atmosphere, activities, cabins, food & service. Secondly, they looked at your feedback - “the Travelers rating” (50% of the overall score was based on overall satisfaction.) Finally, US News looks at the overall “Health rating” (which is 20% of the overall score.) Cleanliness and proper ventilation ran big in this important department.

US News looked at budget, luxury, family, and cruises in different locations around the world.

Below, we’ll focus on just a few - the best value for your money, the best cruise for your entire family, and a regional look at the best cruise companies that travel the iconic Inside Passage to Southeast Alaska. Click this link - For the full rundown of the US News Cruise survey - and find the best cruise for you.

Best Cruise Lines Value

U.S. News ranked cruise lines: “affordability, amenities included in the base fare, health ratings and reputation among experts and travelers.”

Princess Cruises

#3 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money - Princess Cruises targets more adult travelers (especially on longer voyages) than family-oriented lines.

Celebrity Cruises

#2 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money - Celebrity Cruises' vessels offer the endless amenities and buffets of its competitors' mega-ships but maintain the service standard of smaller lines.

Virgin Voyages

#1 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money - Virgin Voyages may not seem like the most affordable offering at a glance, but it presents cruisers with supreme value. 


Top Cruise Lines to Bring Kids

Cruise Ship with kids having fun in the pool.
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Let's get down to it. All kids are eager to play. Here are the top cruise lines with clean boats, great feedback from the experts and rave reviews from moms and dads of little & older kids. 

Carnival Cruise Line

#3 in Best Cruise Lines for Families - Cruise ships have fun water parks, basketball courts, and ropes courses! You and your spouse can enjoy the spa & the casino!

Royal Caribbean International

#2 in Best Cruise Lines for Families - Some of their ships feature rock climbing walls and ice rinks, zip lines, waterslides, and more! There are fun & educational programs for older kids & evening entertainment and bars for the adults.

Disney Cruise Line

#1 in Best Cruise Lines for Families - From Mickey's Sail-A-Wave Party to its pirate-themed dinners, Disney also brings on board their A-List characters: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto! 


Top Cruises to the Alaskan Inside Passage

U.S. News ranked reviews and health ratings. Here are the Top 3 that board and drop you back off right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Viking Orion from Viking Ocean Cruises

#3 in Best Cruises to Alaska - You’ll find balconies, flat-screen LCD TVs, and minibars. Your cabins all have plush bathrooms. They also offer spas and a snow grotto (?!)

Seven Seas Explorer from Regent Seven Seas Cruises

#2 in Best Cruises to Alaska - This company makes friendly and attentive service their top priority. Sign me up!

Celebrity Edge from Celebrity Cruises

#1 in Best Cruises to Alaska - Modern designs with the latest technologies, great activities, and top food.  Check out their rooftop garden, ocean-facing pools, or jogging tracks. 


Simple and Great Cruise Hacks

The great people at Life Well Cruised took in some great hacks from well-season cruise veterans. Here are a few nuggets to help you get the most out of your well-earned, time off. 

DIY your shore excursions - With some research, you can visit cruise stop attractions on your own. Click here to help plan.

Join cruise Facebook groups - Get that inside information and cruise news faster than anywhere else!

Hack to get an inexpensive cabin upgrade - Once booked, several cruise lines will offer you a chance, as the sailing gets closer, to bid for an upgrade.

Click this link for more great hacks from Life Well Cruised.
INFO: US NEWS, LifeWellCruised.com

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